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was. they're looking for two men last sneen a brown car. dozens of shots fired. >> governor brown built his image by getting around town with a driver in an old blue preliminary youth. he no longer drives that, and thanks to people at google he doesn't need a driver and there is legislation authorizing driverless car that's can change the way we park our cars. and david louie is live with more. >> we know how tough it is when traffic backs up. don't you wish you can turn driving over to someone else? that is what engineers are working on. a self driving car and california is now closer to making that a reality. this new breed appears decemberinned for california
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roads. google has been testing a fleed of prius high bridz that use gps, radar and naf nation. governor brown says he's impressed. >> today, we're looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow's reality he was there to sign a bill authored by state senator alex padilla. >> we can safe lives and create jobs and that is a great bill, whether you're an engineer or politician. >> 40,000 americans are killed nearly in auto accidents. engineers are convinced self driving cars will reduce numbers. and freeways will be less congested and computers will allow cars to save safely bumper to bumper. >> what i can see is phone
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shall to trance form our urban centers and you can have a car drop you off here at work and get out, walk three green space. this takes someone else somewhere else. >> and google is wondering about the experimental goggles. they're sharing the vision engineers have embraced. self driving cars could expand the market empowering vision impaired and disabled to share the road. and the bill governor brown signed will give the dmv three years to come up with regulations to allow those cars to hit the streets. >> that is going to change everything. thank you. >> comcast told a thousand workers three of the california call centers will close in november and those
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jobs are moving out of state. employees in livermore and sacramento call centers met with officials today. they have the option to look for another job or relocate. >> this is difficult to say how many employees will be willing to relocate out of the state. certainly everybody individual situation is different. and we have committed we're going to meet individually with each of the thousand employees over a week. >> and comcast decided to close the centers because of the high cost of doing business in california. and the chamber of commerce president says the repositioning is unfortunate but not a death blow to the city. >> they're searching for employees. this mall is going to employ over 2000 people. >> there are 67-year-old woman
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is in grave condition after being hit by a bart pickup truck today, she was crossing the street when struck by the pick up. there is a police asking for your help in identifying this man. a serial bank robber. the same man hit two u.s. bank branches in sunnyvale and one in san jose in the past three week autos tonight a former private investigator who admits to or chess straighting a scandal that rocked the sheriff's office is headed to prison. and there are late details in the case against christopher butler. >> butler attorney told us his client was caught up in trying to become a reality tv star and that led him to commit felonies now, he's heading to
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prison and determined to take others with him. as part of the plea deal a judge sentenced a former investigator to eight years in federal prison. the probation department recommended more than 12. his attorney says the sentence is a reflection of his cooperation with investigators. >> this extent of his cooperation is extraordinary. the extent of everything he said to the authorities was bourne out as accurate. >> butler continue solved in a scandal included theft and sales from the central narcotics enforcement task force as well as dirty dui scheme. set up men going through nasty divorces for drunk driving arests. the 51-year-old pled guilty to seven felony counts including theft, and robbery. and in a sentencing told the
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judge, quote, i just want to apologize to the community for anxiety, fear and suffering i caused oirjs. i want to apologize to the law enforcement community for the embarrassment and betrayal inflicted upon it mr. butter lied and continues to lie. >> the attorney michael car dorza represents norman welsh. the trial is set to begin by the end of the year. the star witness against him, christopher butler. >> considering mr. butler hasn't told the truth about anything since he's been arrested i'm not sure hil heel have much impact in this case. >> another former friend could be the target of a testimony. and this divorce lawyer pled guilty to tax evasion and wire tapping charges related in the du. ui scheme. >> she'll make a about witness? >> i think she make a good witness. >> butler has been held in a federal facility since may.
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today in court the attorney asked he be kept there to serve the duration of a sentence. as a former cop and someone who can now be labeled a snitch, he could become a target. in prison. in oakland abc 7 news. >> and everyone is talking about a controversial call at the end of the monday night football game. >> it changed the outcome of the game. there is a bad call that could cause movement in the nfl labor dispute oo with referee autos larry beil is here to analyze that for us. >> this is one of the qoft calls you'll see any whereof. find second, packers appeared to intercept it. and when they went to the ground, the ruling was touched down and seattle is going crazy. the final is seattle with this 14-12. there is a bunch of officiating mistakes starting
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with golden state. it's just shoving out of the way. that is past interference. and sometimes you get into hail mary situations. and there is md jennings getting the ball in its highest point. he catches jennings and slips his hand underneath. tibl make contact with the ball. now, the presumed ruling in this is simultaneous possession. officials, let's take a look now. there is no idea what to do here, here is the back judge. he starts to do this. this says stop the clock. normally what happens here is that all of the refs would huddle up to the side. and supposed to say tell me what you saw and you saw.
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that never happened they just enter up for review. so seattle wins the game and outrage enshoes. there is mike shumann live in alameda. >> this is the first game-ending call by replacement refs changing the outcome of the game. there is 70,000 voice mails from irate fans and coaches and players are getting tired of the refs. >> this is a you know not my position. the ref made the call. that is what it is. i'm not in a position to debate about which way it should have weent players and coaches avoided talking about issues. >> players and coaches are not
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expecting officials. and you know. >> you cannot legislate respect. have you to earn that. >> there are coaches and players fed up. and it's the first bad call to decide the outcome of a game. >> this is the fact it's awful is all i'm going to say about it. >> in this case they have training to do. that is why this is a disaster now. >> arizona cardinal tweeted come on. can we please get the real ref back? destroying the game we grew to love? wow. >> fans tired of laying out
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big bucks for games being marginalized. >> they're going to be i think looking with a much more jaundiced eye at owners and creating more of a public relations problem which could come back to bite them. >> and there is a roger gidel preaching player safety making these replacement refs a farce. maybe this will get them both back to the table and we'll have real officials back in the game. and if not this weekend, maybe by week five. >> maibt only good can come of this is this might be enough to embarrass nfl into sitting down and working out a contract with real refs. there is a negotiating session
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planned for today and went through with that session this, was plans before it went down. hopefully we'll see real refs back on the job, soon. >> yes. >> and we've got to believe that will happen. >> unbelievable. >> there is a lot more to bring you here tonight.. >> there is new ground for us at the caldecott tunnel. >> in sacramento, hundreds of thousands of foreclosure victims will be getting checks in the mail part of a national mortgage settlement. >> imposters taking control of a facebook account and a few hundred of her friends.?xñ!ú
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excavation of the fourth floor of the caldecott tunnel has been completed it is between oakland and orinda on highway 24 a very bus eye, crowded corridor and abc 7 news is there live tonight with an update. >> this night crew just started a shift here at the western portal of the new board. when preliminary planning started in 1998, the cost was $150 million. as many as eight years to complete it. if finishing ontime, next year that, will be more like $400
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million and 16 years, we're on track to meet those targets. the retaining wall on the oakland side is taking shape with this design, echoing style of the first two boards opening in 1937. the third opened in 1964 when planning had already begun. >> what i am told is that there was recognition that a fourth would be needed and caltrans had for sight to acquire the right of way for the fourth floor. >> this was the dramatic scene in november. the road header broke through from the east side to the west. and that is the upper arch of the tunl. the rest of the shape has been excavated with the last bucket coming out on fi. >> there is now the road bed
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has to be laid down and supporting systems put in. there is a new maintenance center bringing high tech it will be staffed with people and there is equipment for monitoring and heat sensors, motion detectors and other devices that will provide realtime information. >> so just a painful reality check here. that back up is headed eastbound right now and when this opens it won't look different. the fourth floor going to help the off peak travelers who are going in the noncommute, what is that word? reverse commute direction. there is a lot of pain out here. there is a little b-52 relief for off peak folks.
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>> governor brown declared a two year moratorium on closing state parks. and this also gives regulators a tighter reign over state park spending following a scandal involving discovery of an unreported $54 million as dozens of state parks were slated foreclosure. >> a peninsula family is praising the governor for approving a law cracking down on under aged drinking, named in honor of a 19-year-old brett study baker, killed two years ago after slamming his car into a wall. and the legislation by assemblyman hill holds charter bus operators responsible for the use on those vehicles closing a loophole that had been on the books for years. >> there is i feel honored to
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stand here and honor him this way with a piece of legislation so well crafted. >> this new law requires operateors to check ids and not complying could result in fines and goes into affect january 1. >> and let's move on to talk about the weather forecast. looks like october is going to start in a nice day. >> one of the nice times of year for us. there is sand kbratel here now you know it's warmest time of the year for the coast. that is going to hold true heading into latter part of the week. and into the weekend. there is some heat coming up. there is a live picture now from our east bay hills camera. there is fog layer there looking back towards mount tamalpais. it's starting to move in over the bay. there is certainly foggy conditions into tomorrow morning there are 80s inland.
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63 degrees in oakland. low clouds, fog overnight. cooler tomorrow and there is a warming trend. and weekend is looking warm to hot. tomorrow morning you'll need to make your your kids have a jacket or sweater. and there is mid-40s to mid-50s. here is what is coming just a minor dip for wednesday, towards the weekend, high pressure starting to move in over the western u.s., warmer weather resulting as we see the winds coming off the warm land and blowing towards ocean. so there is coastal areas going to start to get warm. 70s at the coast. 9 ows inland.
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there is 77 in san jose. and peninsula, 71 in san mateo. 61 on the coast in half moon bay. there is 58 degrees, north bay communities 65 in sausalito. 78 degrees in santa rosa. there is 7 to union city. 86 in livermore, and 62 in monterey. accu-weather forecast is just a little cooler for wednesday. and there is only a major rebound into the weekend. mid-60s to low 90s. mid-90s inland. by weekend fog is gone. meaning beaches will be warm,
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70s there and there are 90s inland. abc 7 about to make someone $49,000 richer. and you can click the button to enter, we'll announce the winner after the 49ers take on the seahawks. go to our facebook page and click on the button. and there is as simple as that. can make you $49,000 richer. >> and coming up next, an early warning system for bay
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scientists have been working on an earthquake warning system and now, saying they developed one that works. friday will go to washington to ask for funding to build it. the system uses sensors planted all over the bay area that can detect seismic waves. the goal would to be send alerts over the internet to the general public. >> so it can range from zero
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seconds and up to tens of seconds and best case, about a minute's worth is the time range. >> there is a warning would let it slow trains down. >> and despite need for extra housing there is a pran to allow tiny apartments is on hold for now. supervisors postponed a vote today and this would change building dodz allow apartments as small as 220 square feet. the supervisor tells us the board wants to ease fears of housing rights activists. >> i think everyone agree that's this is very appropriate for student housing which we need. and also, for group housing and senior housing. and and foster youth housing and housing where people don't need a lot of living space. >> and activists believe civil
6:27 pm
rights could be compromised to make way for the housing. >> and did you lose your home in the great recession? still to come how you might qualify for part of a nationwide settlement for homeowner autos looking closely. do you recognize this reporter? coming up a well deserved salute to one of our abc 7 news colleagues. stay with us.
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president ob krauma told the united nations he's disgusted by the antiislamic movie made by a california man but added bhaiming the united states is also wrong. the movie have become an issue in the race for the white house and abc 7 news is here with the latest on this controversy. >> the president spoke at the un general assembly today. and there is both talking foreign policy. >> at the united nations president obama used the world stage to decry recent u.s.
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attacks. >> they were attacks on america and should be no doubt we'll be relentless in tracking down killers and bringing them to justice. >> mitt romney hammer the president as what he characterized as the president's response. >> he said the development are bumps in the road. that is my reaction. bumps in the road? we had an ambassador assassinated. >> and we must reaffirm our future will be determined by people like chris stevens and not his killers. >> and then, added this lesson intolerance. >> and we do not ban blaspheme. i expect people gorg call me awful things every day?
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>> and i will defend their right to do so. >> this g.o.p. challenger did not repeat his criticism over the bumps in the road and instead, insin yu yaited the president has not done enough. >> our ambassador was assassinated in a terrorist attack. and we saw how it work at the mercy of events. and at usf, this expert says the television coverage of the riots in the middle east make unrest appear larger than it is. this is relatively tall smaul. >> compared to hundreds of thousands and there is reason
6:33 pm
for optimism. >> thank you. >> and there is supervisors approving plans for the center covering and the complex will include a prayer mosque and cemetery. opponents say religion has nothing to do with their efforts and they say they're opposed because of concerns. >> and millions of californians will foreclosed on after the housing market collapsed. and now, more than 400,000 are eligible for a piece of a settlement and this year we brought you the story of kenneth ham milt tochblt now, and he 430,000 california nins
6:34 pm
have been foreclosed on will get a check next year. announcing process just began for certain victims as part of the national mortgage settlement. a billion and a half of the $25 billion aims to compensate borrowers wrongfully foreclosed upon. >> this is for people who might have been dual tracked applying for a loan modification at the same time. and if they had suffered financial hardships. >> and it only applies to customers foreclosed on between 2008 and 2011 including wells fargo and bank of america. and the claim forms will be in mailboxes over several weeks. >> we should be p compensated.
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>> the attorney general worries victims might think their notices are a scam but there is one way to tell. they're not. >> what is key about this claim form is that it will not have financial information. banks have that. >> this is unclear how much people are going to get. and this could with more defending on -- depending on how many actually file a claim. >> and when we come back a 7 on your side warning. >> there is michael finney looking into the wayú
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we've told you about scams involving phony sweep takes. >> they just don't stop. now on face wookbook and michael finney has a warning for anyone out there with facebook friends. >> conartists figure out how to hijack a facebook account and then impersonate them online. and. >> there is a chat with her good friend up in washington. the two chatted several times. >> we talked about church and
6:39 pm
cooking. >> it said she won $50,000 through power ball. >> and dawn said some friends were winners, too. including faye. >> she told me that my name was on there, too. and just e mail them. >> sure enough, there is this notice. >> i get a picture taken with mark zuckerberg. >> then, told faye she had to pay $950 delivery fee, and taxes. faye contacted dawn, and i can't afford $950. dawn replied that is how i got mine. dawn offered to pay part of the fee. >> dawn told me she'll send $300 to the place and her money went to. >> faye wrote back, i'm scared but trust you, then wired money to power ball. >> they went congratulationses
6:40 pm
and i called dawn saying my money is coming too. she goes what? and that is when i knew i was scammed. >> and it was a crushing blow. don told faye she'd not written the messages and imposters had been posing as dawn for two months. and making them believe she was going to win big money. >> we spoke with dawn by phone. >> don tells us she tried to shut down the account but could not get facebook to help. faye contacted 7 on your side. we contacted facebook. the company said users must follow a proud year to close a hacked account. that is to ensure the real
6:41 pm
owner is the only one shutting the paichblgt facebook opened an investigation and said we take this seriously. and there is a team using this information to surface compromised accounts. >> when is my money coming? they never answered me. >> so how did imposters take over the facebook page? first, they notified dawn she'd won. then requesting her e mail and pass word, using that to log in and took control. if you believe your account was hacked let me know about it. go to abc 7 >> thank you. >> and coming up next we will reveal identity of this reporter. >> there
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tonight we celebrate a major milestone, 40 years to the day. >> today, ton is now our arts and entertainment reporter but a man can, and has done it all. >> he sure has. abc 7 news worked with don douring much of his remarkable career. watch this. and. >> from anchor december tok red carpet to wherever assignment takes us. >> brought don here to scotland. >> he spent four decades sharing the world with viewers. >> improve with age. >> he got a start in san luis obispo. a fresh faced kid with a big voice.
6:46 pm
>> and even back then, don interviewed celebrities and like other small town reporters did commercials. >> unbelievable, but true. >> this new color packed camera, after nine years was suddenly over. >> one day they fired me. >> just days later don landed at kgotv. >> they said we'll maybe give you three weeks worth of work. >> once putting on that circle 7 coat, he never looked back. >> so they'll march to protest in front of the federal building he loves the bay area and bay area loves him. actor benjiman bratt grew up watching don. >> you're a legend in my family. >> do you want to play me in your next film? >> if i can grow that mustache,
6:47 pm
boy. >> in the early 70s, the mustache almost disappeared for good. >> this news director said you'll have to cut it off. three years later a new director said we want to you do spomplts you look too young. have you ever thought about growing a mustache? >> and he was willing to take risks. his meeting so captivated the station ran it in slow motion. >> and that didn't stop him from taking this trip another adventure in terror set to music. >> there is a force i have never experienced. >> don managed to live to report another day, and the day after that, too. >> there is one major goal.
6:48 pm
>> don host aid live morning show. and he and i paired as an anchor team. we worked together during some of the biggest news events. the office is packed with momentos of the stories, good, and bad. >> there is 1989 world series. >> when this hit crews were first on the scene. we set up a studio in the newsroom and got on the air quickly. there is critical information for viewers. >> that has been my proudest moment. it was extraordinary. >> and don became abc 7 news arts and entertainment reporter. then made up like young
6:49 pm
frankenstein. >> through it all, don is true to his risk-taking roots in scotland he tried sword fighting, one of the first to visit carsland. don still races out to cover news stories and every week, he does a movie review with a bucket of popcorn and friends and fans loved you for 40 years. and we'll see you on the aisle. >> very great. what a wonderful guy. >> yes. >> and there is only done assumeo wrestling thing one time. >> there is a check of the
6:50 pm
forecast. >> there is a brave man indeed. wonderful talented man. and there is a time lapse. fog rolling over san francisco. fog starting to make its way over the bay so tomorrow morning when you head out of the door count on low visibility. there is fog around the bay area there is clearing in areas temperatures running lower still into mid-80s inland there is 78 in santa rosa. accu-weather forecast featuring a fall warm up or heat up if you'd like to call it that. there is warm to hot weather on t
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just getting word ashby bart station is closed because of police activity in that area. >> we're running that down. also at that time a diver's
6:54 pm
air supply is cutoff nearly 40 minutes and then at 11:00, there is new potentially stronger way to clear up your space. >> there is good reason. >> they're fuming about the call. erin rogers today apologized to fans, because he said nfl isn't willing to apologize and there is packers say md jennings had possession and they ruled it a touchdown for seattle this is the fact it's
6:55 pm
reviewed and awful. awful. >> if you ask them to take that call, it would become that. >> and interest are coaches warned they will be fined and there is towards impact this made. >> and players association director desmith said this today. focus is about a blown call, our focus as a family of players is and will remain on work place safety, contemporary to reports we're not crossing picket lines and owners locked them out were reviewing any and all possibilities to protect you. and seems everybody has a take on this. even former president clinton.
6:56 pm
>> and there is when i thought we can see the defender hit the ground before there is correction. and yerk it means we need to get strikeovers and more experienced people in there. >> and maybe he should be a ref. a's fastered -- mastered art and first inning to tommy malone facing josh hamilton, brandon moss charging and thinking about a throw home. and there is a score, and ties up up in the 4th. chris carter up, up and away. there they are in the 6th. the to 13 world baseball classic coming to san francisco. semi finals and finance financials will be held in march. wbc is a competition featuring teams to name a few, 28
6:57 pm
countries in all. ryan voguel zs song says there is nothing like representing your country. >> there is a great deal of pride to play for our cities to try to win the world series but there is something going along with butting your country uniform on. >> and that will be a fun event next year. >> thank you. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and from all of us here, have a good night. >> we appreciate your time. see you at 9:00 and 11:00. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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